Gutter Cleaning

Removing Debris to Protect Your Gutters & Roof

In Tucson, we forget our gutters can be progressively filled with dirt and debris.

This becomes a problem as soon as we enter monsoons season: when water can’t flow along a gutter, it floods your patio with dirt and debris.

Gutter water can also back up on a roof and damage shingles. On flat roofs, debris obstructs scuppers and prevents rain water from being evacuated. This damages the roof coating.

Lastly, the weight of dirt accumulating in a gutter can break its fasterners and even the gutter itself.

We clean your gutters and clear your scuppers, removing all dirt and debris.

Our ironclad guarantee:

• Your gutters free of dirt & debris
• Your scuppers free of debris
• No disturbance of pipes or cables on your roof
• Inspection for any damage BEFORE starting our job
• Minimal disruption in your home and schedule
• Very fair price and high value for money

What Customers Are Saying...

Jan Harrison
6 reviews
a day ago

Jesus was very professional and friendly. He did a wonderful job. Thank you

Michelle Teague
6 reviews  9 photos
a day ago

On time, friendly, efficient and did a great job

Paul Durand
3 reviews
a day ago

Clark did nice work. Pleasant personality. 5 of 5 stars

Toni Andrikopoulos
3 reviews
2 days ago

This is the second time they have come. Great experience both times!

Gwen Klawunder
2 reviews
3 days ago

They were efficient and did an excellent job.

Carla Seeks
2 reviews  4 photos
4 days ago

Great job, industrious young man. Really enjoyed the experience. My husband said see you next year, requesting same young man.

Vera Schlichter
5 reviews  2 photos
a week ago

I’ve been using this company for thirteen years and they do a wonderful job

Bobbi Bynes
2 reviews 
a week ago
Great job! Already recommended to several friends. Communication was excellent, very accommodating service. Thank you for a job well done!
Shirley Dechant
4 reviews
a week ago

This is the second time we used Brighter Days and once again it was excellent. They were on time they were very neat and clean and the windows look spectacular. We were very happy with their work and are on a regular schedule with them to have the windows cleaned. They are very reasonably priced.

Bill S
2 reviews  4 photos
3 days ago

Very meticulous, did a great job and an excellent price!

Gutter Cleaning

Some of the types of gutter cleaning & scupper clearing jobs we do.


General Questions

What do you do with the debris and dirt?

We bag the debris and move it out of your property. We disperse the dirt in your backyard. We clear your patio afterwards.

Are you on time at your appointments?

Yes. Timeliness is a core value at Brighter Days, and we respect your time as our own. Of course, we can’t predict each and every occurrence that happens in our schedule, but we will communicate with you if, for any reason, we are running 15 minutes ahead or behind your scheduled arrival time.

Do you power wash gutters? Or remove debris manually?

We prefer manual removal. We can also use pressure washing when the debris has created a hardened layer of rot that sticks to the bottom of the gutter and inside the downspout, and hinders the normal evacuation of rain water.

What if the downspout of my gutter is clogged?

Yes, that happens more than you would think. Then the gutter overflows and it makes a mess. We always check your downspouts. We remove what we can manually, and use a power washer to remove hardened dirt if it is an obvious block to the flow of rain water.

Can we schedule several services on the same day?

For sure. When you contact us to request service, tell us what you need: power washing, interior and exterior window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, gutter cleaning, etc. We will schedule appropriately to do all services on the same day.

Does it take long to schedule and receive service?

Usually not. We schedule an appointment, come to your home, give you a quote, and if the numbers are OK, we serve you immediately.

Quality Control Questions

How do you make sure we receive excellent gutter cleaning service?

It is a legit question. Brighter Days has been in business since 2008, and we serve thousands of clients. We strive to deliver work of consistent quality. We hire and train the best people in order to ensure a great service every time. Our technicians will brighten your day through your interactions with them.

Please take a look at our customer reviews: they are as good as it gets, with ratings of 4.9 and 5.0 on average.

How do you ensure the safety of your personnel?

Our staff is well-trained in handling ladders, working on roofs, and securing their position in all events. We tie off when a roof may be dangerous.

How do we let you know our level of satisfaction with the service?

You can always discuss with our technician if you have questions or wish to express your concerns. If you prefer to talk to a supervisor, you can simply call our main number and ask for the supervisor assigned to your job.

When we have completed our work, we send you a text message to solicit your opinion on the service you received.

If you loved the experience, we will be grateful to receive a top rating and a lovely review from you.

If you have not had a 5-star experience with us, we will call you quickly to fix the matter asap. If you are not available at the time of our call, we will call you again.

We value your satisfaction very much, and are known to walk the extra mile for our clients. That’s why we are rated between 4.9 and 5.0 on all review platforms.

Where else can we check reviews about your service?

You can consult hundreds of reviews on us on several sites. Just click on this link to read our reviews on Google (4.9 stars). Click on this link to read our reviews on Facebook (4.9 stars). Click on this link to read our reviews on Yelp (5.0 stars).

Zones of Service Questions

Do you serve all locations in Tucson?

Yes, we can do gutter cleaning in most neighborhoods in Tucson, from Tortolita to Tanque Verde and South Harrison, from the Catalina Foothills to Alvernon and the Davis-Monthan area. Contact us to inquire about your own location.

Do you serve Marana?

Yes, we offer gutter cleaning and scupper clearing services in Marana, Dove Mountain, and Continental Ranch.

Do you clean gutters in Vail and Corona de Tucson?

Yes, we do. We have many clients in the Vail and Corona de Tucson areas. We can also clean your windows and power wash your patios at the same time we complete your gutter cleaning service. Please contact us to inquire about your location.

Do you serve Oro Valley?

Yes, absolutely. We do gutter cleaning jobs in Oro Valley, Rancho Vistoso, and the Tangerine Hills area. Contact us for further information about your own location.

Do you serve Saddlebrooke?

Yes, absolutely. We have dozens of residential clients in Saddlebrooke. Call us to discuss what you need, and let’s schedule your home at a convenient time for you! 

Do you offer gutter cleaning service in Benson?

Yes we can clean up gutters in Benson and St David. Call us to discuss your needs and your timing with our Scheduler. Let’s put you in the schedule!

Do you serve Green Valley?

Absolutely. We have many customers in Green Valley, especially in the big HOAs there. Due to the geographical location of Green Valley, homes are exposed to winds that bring dust and debris, and gutters can quickly become clogged. Contact us for further information about your own location.

We are in Elgin, do you come all the way to here?

Yes, we do gutter cleaning, window cleaning, power washing and solar panel cleaning in Elgin and in Sonoita. Don’t hesitate to call us for service!

Do you offer service in Sierra Vista?

Yes, we do offer gutter cleaning services and all our other services in Sierra Vista. Call us to schedule and serve your home!

Do you serve the Tubac area?

Yes. Please call us in advance so we can schedule your gutter cleaning service (and any of our other services) on a convenient day for the both of us.

Financial Questions

Is your company insured?

Yes, we have all necessary insurances to fully cover your property and the technicians who will be completing the gutter cleaning job at your home.

We are on a tight budget. Any recommendation?

We will give you a quote before we start your job. We have a minimum fee for each of our services: $125 for gutter cleaning, window cleaning, or solar panel cleaning, and $225 for power washing.

Please give us a call to inquire about this, and book an appointment to receive a quote. If you like the numbers, we can complete your gutter cleaning job on the same day.

Also, we often publish coupons and specials our our social media: follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to find out when we have one of those “can’t miss it” specials!

Do you offer discounts if we bundle services?

Yes. When you call us, be sure to ask about our service plans. You can receive up to 20% off the total cost of the services you set up.

Also, we often publish coupons and specials our our social media: follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to find out when we have one of those “can’t miss it” specials!

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes. If you don’t have a 5-star experience with our service, just let us know immediately. We’ll make it right.

Do you have a minimum charge for gutter cleaning?

Yes, we have a minimum charge of $125. However, if your service is under that amount, we will add à-la-carte services to give you your full benefits at your request. 

Technical Questions

What if a gutter is already broken?

We will report the problem to you when we discover it so you can address it as you see fit.   

Do you report pre-existing damage on a roof?

If we note that your roof has issues, we will signal them to you. Remember however that we are not roof inspectors or contractors. We clean scuppers and gutters. We can only tell you about things we can observe.

Can power washing damage gutters?

If power washing was done with too much pressure, there would be a risk of damaging the gutter. That is why we always remove debris manually.

We only use power-washing when a gutter has been neglected for so long that a hard layer of rot has formed and sticks to the walls of the gutter or downspout, preventing the normal evacuation of rain water.

Even then, we use a gentle pressure to avoid inflicting more damage to a gutter that has probably already deteriorated and become fragile. 

Can we schedule several services at the same time?

Yes. When you call to request service, tell our Scheduler what you need done on your property: window cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning, cleaning your soffits, wiping your chandeliers and fans, cleaning your mirrors, etc.

If you fill out a form on our site, you will be offered all our service options.

Our Scheduler will then schedule your services with the right number of technicians to ensure service is completed on the same day, within an approximate time window.

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