Commercial Power Washing

Power Washing
is Curb Appeal

You only get one opportunity to make a first
impression. “Welcome to our business!”
starts not when this person pushes the door,
but outside, when she is about to decide
to enter or… pass you by.

The curb is where it starts. A clean sidewalk
invites. A dirty storefront repels.

Power washing your facade, the curb, or
your parking lot makes a power statement:
“I respect you with a nicer environment, to
make your day brighter and your shopping
experience more enjoyable.”

We power-wash anything, from the grimiest
walkway to the dirtiest storefront. We do
retail stores, restaurants, hotel courtyards,
corporate buildings, university dorms,
healthcare facilities. No job too big, no job
too small. Call us for a quote.

Our ironclad guarantee:

• Exterior features look regenerated
• A stronger curb appeal
• Minimal disruption of your business
• Absolutely no mess left behind
• A great value for the price

What Customers Are Saying...

Bobbi Bynes
2 reviews
3 weeks ago

Great job! Already recommended to several friends. Communication was excellent, very accommodating service. Thank you for a job well done!

Ramona Peterson
17 reviews
14 hours ago

Excellent service

Services: Power Washing

Maureen Godfrey
1 review
14 hours ago

Everything was great! The person doing the work arrive about 4:00 pm and did not leave for 2-3 hours when he was done. Good job.

Vikki hunt
1 review
17 hours ago

Clark did an excellent job.
He is a very pleasant person to be around

Service: Power Washing

Donna Summers
1 review
17 hours ago

This company is absolutely the BEST!!! Excellent work and superb follow up

Susan Singleton
2 reviews
19 hours ago

Outstanding Job!!

Services: Power Washing

Susan DuVall
4 reviews
a day ago

They do excellent work. I have been a customer for 6 years and recommend to all of my friends who agree. Brighter Day is an company with very courteous, competent staff.

Service: Interior & exterior window cleaning, Glass & mirror cleaning, Power/pressure washing, Gutter cleaning

Michael Purcell
4 reviews
2 days ago

The window cleaner was right on time, and wasn’t even the scheduled cleaner, who was running a little late, so this person took the initiative to cover this appointment. He did a great job, and because my apartment had so few windows, he even did the mirrors and hutch glasswork in my apartment. I am completely satisfied with this company’s quality and service.

Gina Lloyd
2 reviews
2 days ago

Clark called to confirm appt and say he could come earlier. He is friendly, professional, efficient and quick. I appreciate the great service.

Dianna Leija
5 reviews
2 weeks ago

They did an awesome job! What a great company.

Service: Power Washing

Commercial Power Washing

Some types of commercial power washing jobs we do, big and small.


General Questions

Can you power wash storefronts with damaged paint?

Yes, our commercial-grade power washers have fully adjustable pressure settings and we can work around damaged areas.

Can you power wash garages and large parking lots?

Yes, we do both garages and parking lots, large and small. We have the ability to use hot and cold water.

How high can you power wash walls?

We have extensions that can reach up to 2 stories.

Do you power wash public facilities?

Yes, we do any facility, public and private. We have done work at the VA, at the DM base, and at the U of A. 

Can you schedule power washing and window cleaning together?

Yes. Please select both services in the Service Request form, or call us to let us know what you need. Our Scheduler will arrange everything in a convenient manner for your business.

Quality Control Questions

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we have a work guarantee. If you don’t have a 5-star experience with us, just call and we’ll make it right.

Can we communicate with a supervisor during a job?

You can communicate with a supervisor at any time before, during, and after a job is completed. We encourage you to let the job supervisor know any change in the work scope before the task is completed. If you have questions or concerns, please call the job supervisor immediately.

Do you do a quality check after a job is completed?

We do client satisfaction surveys immediately after the completion of any commercial window cleaning job. On large sites requiring the presence of multiple employees, we do quality inspections during the job to ensure work is proceeding smoothly with the expected results.

We keep a communication channel open with the property managers to inform them of the progress of the work, discuss any technical difficulty related to the state of the glass or the degree of access, and to ensure their full satisfaction with our work before we leave the property.

Where can we see your reviews?

You can read some 800+ reviews on our commercial window cleaning work on multiple sites. Click on this link to read our reviews on Google (4.9 stars), on this link to read our reviews on Facebook (4.9 stars), and on this link to read our reviews on Yelp (5.0 stars).

Zones of Service Questions

Do you do commercial power washing everywhere in Tucson?

Yes, we do. Everywhere in Tucson. Call us to let us know your location. We also do commercial window cleaning everywhere in the Greater Tucson area. Click on that link to check about this service.

Do you serve businesses in Marana?

Yes, absolutely. We will do any type of commercial power washing anywhere in Marana, uo to Gladden Farms. We also offer commercial window cleaning if you need to schedule both services at the same time.

We have several buildings in Oro Valley. Do you work there?

Yes, we offer commercial power washing services in Oro Valley. We are used to do multi-building properties too, so there is no problem with this. We just have to schedule appropriately. Let us know the address and details of the property when you call our Scheduler, or when you fill out a Service Request form.  Thank you!

Do you offer service in Saddlebrook?

Yes, we do. We have dozens of customer in Saddlebrooke. Please call our Scheduler to discuss your needs, and let’s schedule your service! 

We are located in Vail, do you offer service there?

Yes, no problem. We offer commercial power washing and commercial window cleaning in Vail and Corona de Tucson. Please call our Scheduler or fill out a Service Request form on the site, and let us know your address and your timeframe so that we can schedule appropriately. Thank you!

Can you come to Green Valley to power wash our store?

Yes we can. Please call us to arrange scheduling, or fill out a Service Request form and let us know that you are in Green Valley. We’ll be happy to schedule commercial power washing for your store. (And commercial window cleaning too if you need).

Do you offer commercial power washing service in Sonoita?

Yes, we do. We serve many clients south of Tucson, and Sonoita and Elgin are both within our zone of service.

Please call our Schedule in advance or fill out a Service Request form on this site and let us know where your commercial property is located. 

Do you do commercial power washing all the way to Tubac?

Yes, Tubac is in our zone of service. Let usknow in advance so we can schedule your service appropriately. You can also fill out a Service Request form on our site, if you prefer. Mention your commercial location in Tubac. 

We have apartments in Benson. Do you travel that far?

Yes, no problem. We can power wash multi-apartment properties in Benson. Please call us in advance to tell us about the property, so that we can schedule service appropriately.

Do you service businesses in Sierra Vista?

No problem, we can come down to Sierra Vista and power wash a property there. Please call us in advance so we can schedule your service appropriately. If you prefer, you can also fill out a Commercial Service Request form on this website and let usknow where your property is located in Sierra Vista.

Financial Questions

Does your business have insurance?

Yes, we carry insurance for our work.

How do billing and payment work?

The service will be billed upon completion.

We take cash, checks, credit cards, and ACH.

Our terms are Net 30.

How fast can we get a quote?

We can typically get you a quote within 1 week. 

Technical Questions

What about windows that get wet during the power washing?

We are a professional window cleaning company. So, as part of our power washing service, we clean any window that gets wet or sprayed during the process.

We try to pay attention to the details other people don’t notice.

Do you power wash stucco?

Yes, we power wash all exterior wall surfaces including stucco.

Can you power wash concrete with deep oil stains?

We have the materials and the professional equipment needed to power wash oil stains.

However, even after oil has been removed, it can leave behind a stain in the concrete or other surfaces.

Can you power wash apartments?

Yes, we do commercial power washing for properties of all sizes. Call us to discuss your project and timing. Let us know if you need any window cleaning too.

Do you power wash flat roofs?

Yes, we power wash flat roofs. While power washing your roof, we’ll make sure the water properly drain.

We are not roofers, but as part of our service, we’ll take pictures of zones of concern if we observe anything out of the ordinary.

Can you power wash battery acid on concrete?

We may be able to lighten acid stains. But in our experience, there is no professional equipment that can remove these stains completely.

Do you power wash with hot water?

Yes, we can. We have fully adjustable temperature-controlled burners that can heat the water up to 250°F at 4200 PSI.

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