Solar Panel Cleaning

Clean Solar Panels Produce More Energy

Solar panels generate less energy when
covered with dust and debris. A thin layer of
desert dust is enough to degrade their

Solar arrays have to be cleaned up regularly 
with purified water to work at an optimum level.

Solar cells are fragile. They can’t be scratched. 
Excessive pressure will damage them. We are 
well trained in cleaning solar arrays on any 
type of roof.

Our ironclad guarantee:

• Your solar panels free of desert dust & debris
• Cleaning done with 3-stage purified water
• No disturbance of pipes or cables on your roof
• Inspection for any damage BEFORE starting our job
• Minimal disruption in your home and schedule
• Very fair price and high value for money

What Customers Are Saying...

Lydia Wyciskala
2 reviews
4 weeks ago

Jesus and Jakob were outstanding great work !
Service: Interior & exterior window cleaning

Martha Wagner Engle
11 reviews 6 photos
4 weeks ago

We always get great service from Brighter Days. We had an unexpected guest arriving tonight so called this morning to see if they could work us in and they did—all windows inside and out. Give them a try—you won’t be disappointed!

Services: Interior & exterior window cleaning

Michelle Alexander
2 reviews
4 weeks ago

Awesome job!! Worth every penny!!!

Services: Interior & exterior window cleaning

Sandra Cohen
2 reviews
a month ago

Our windows have never been this clean before! We are truly having “Brighter Days” They were cleaned quickly and efficiently by a real professional and we would highly recommend them to family and friends!

Service: Interior & exterior window cleaning

Ann Stroup
1 review
a month ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality

The gentlemen were prompt courteous and did a very nice job

Debbie Wheeler
3 reviews
a month ago

Great speedy service. I feel so much better with clear beautiful windows.

Barbara DeBeer
3 reviews
a month ago

Professional, efficient and personable employees. They did an excellent job on both inside and outside windows. Highly recommend

Service: Interior & exterior window cleaning

Susan McGuire
2 reviews
a month ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Responsiveness

Clark did a wonderful job. Very professional

Services: Interior & exterior window cleaning, Window washing

Cari Myers
2 reviews
a month ago

Greg never lets me down! He always does a fantastic job on our office windows. And such a great guy! Thanks Brighter Days!

Service: Interior & exterior window cleaning

Karen Hess
1 review
a month ago

Brighter Days is our go-to for window cleaners. From the first time we employed them, we have been delighted with the care and quality of service. Today, Greg & Julio kept the standard and we’re so happy with our power walkways and brick work!!!

Solar Panel Cleaning

Some of the types of solar panel cleaning jobs we do, big and small.


General Questions

How long have you been in business?

We started in 2008, and have been working continuously doing window cleaning and solar panel cleaning since then. We added power washing to our service offer a few years later, after saving enough money to buy professional-grade power washers and water filtration system. We serve thousands of customer in the Tucson area, and our average reviews rate us between 4.9 and 5.0.  We’d love doing a great job for you and brighten up your day!

Do you offer a service guarantee?

Yes. If you do not have a 5-Star level experience with our solar panel cleaning service, just call us. We will make right!

How fast can you schedule us for service?

We usually do your service on the same day we give you a quote. When you contact us for the first time, we immediately schedule your visit at the earliest time possible which, in many cases, will be in the next couple of days. We give you a quote, and if you like the numbers, we serve your household immediately.

If you already are a client, your service is scheduled ahead of time so that you know in advance when we come to serve you.

Can you clean our solar panels when we are away?

Yes. Our customers know when we come for service, and they just make sure we have access to their yard and roof.

In fact, we can do your entire interior/exterior service [window cleaning, power washing, solar panel cleaning, and gutter cleaning] without needing you to be at home.

Can we schedule solar panel cleaning service when we are on vacations?

Sure! We schedule your solar panel service cleaning service in advance, so that you know your panels work at full efficiency even when you are sipping mojitos on the beach.

There is no need for you to be stuck in your home when we do solar panel cleaning because we stay outside. Just make sure we have access. You can also let your neighbors know we are coming, so that no one is surprised to see a technician on your roof during your absence.

Can you do window cleaning at the same time we clean our solar panels?

Yes. We schedule all your services on the same day to reduce disruption in your daily routine. If you need interior and exterior window cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning and solar panel cleaning, everything will be done the same day [unless you live in a palace with a thousand rooms… in which case we might need a couple more days to finish the job!]. Call us for more information.

Quality Control Questions

How do you ensure we receive great solar panel cleaning service?

It is a valid question. Please read our reviews in Google, Facebook, and Yelp. We are rated between 4.9 and 5.0 because we care, and have a strong work ethics. We train our personnel thoroughly in both proper techniques and good safety procedures. We have developed our techniques over the past 15 years being in this business. We also use professional-grade equipment such as a 3-stage water filtration system. Lastly, we guarantee our work: if you do not have a 5-star level of satisfaction with our service, just call us: we will make it right. 

Where can we read more reviews about your service?

You can read 100s of reviews on our services on several platforms. Just click on the links to read:

How can we let you know our level of satisfaction with your service?

You can always discuss with our technician if you have questions or wish to express your concerns. If you prefer to talk to a supervisor, you can simply call our main number and ask for the supervisor assigned to your job.

When we have completed our solar panel cleaning work, we send you a text message to solicit your opinion on the service you received.

If you loved the experience, we will be grateful to receive a top rating and a lovely review from you.

If you have not had a 5-star experience with us, we will call you quickly to fix the matter asap. If you are not available at the time of our call, we will call you again.

We value your satisfaction very much, and are known to walk the extra mile for our clients. That’s why we are rated between 4.9 and 5.0 on all review platforms.

Do you clean all types of solar panels?

Yes. There are only a few types of solar panels on the market. What will vary is the size of the solar array and its accessibility (ground, rooftop). We are trained and have the necessary equipment to take care of your solar panel cleaning whatever the situation may be, as long as we have access to its location. Please call us to share more about the situation of your solar array.

Zones of Service Questions

Do you serve all neighborhoods in Tucson?

Yes, we do solar panel cleaning and all other services all over the greater Tucson area, from Tortolita to South Harrison, and from Flowing Wells to Tanque Verde. If you have a question regarding your location, please call us.

We are in Marana, is this an area you cover?

Yes, Marana, Dove Mountain, Gladden Farms, and Continental Ranch. We offer solar panel cleaning and other services in the area, no problem. Call us to ask for a quote and schedule service.

We live in Oro Valley, can you provide service?

Sure. We cover Tangerine, Oro Valley proper, Rancho Vistoso, La Reserve and Pusch Ridge. Call us to inquire about your specific location.

Do you service Saddlebrooke?

Yes, we do offer service in Saddlebrooke. We have many clients in the area, and we can schedule you on a convenient day. Please call our Scheduler to discuss your needs, or fill out a Service Request form on our site and let us know you are in Saddlebrooke.

We are far south in Vail, do you guys come this way?

Oh yes, absolutely. We have many clients in Vail, back of Pistol Hill and towards the end of Old Spanish Trail. We also have clients in Corona de Tucson. Please call us to inquire about your specific location.

Is it true you offer service in Green Valley?

Yes it is true. We have many clients in Green Valley, especially in one of the large HOAs there. Call us to inquire about your location, and let’s schedule you for window cleaning, solar panel cleaning and power washing!

We live in Tubac, do you serve our town?

Absolutely. We can come do solar panel cleaning in Tubac. Call us in advance so we can schedule you appropriately.

Do you clean solar panels in Sonoita?

Yes, we have multiple clients in the Sonoita-Elgin area. Call us to schedule your home ahead of time. If you need other services, like power washing and window cleaning, let us know when you call.

Can you clean our solar panels in Benson?

Yes, we do Benson and St David. Please call us in advance to schedule your service at a convenient time.

Our home is in Sierra Vista. Do you offer service there?

Yes, we can send one of our technicians to Sierra Vista to clean up your solar panels. Please call us to schedule service at a convenient time for you!

Financial Questions

How often do we need to clean our solar panels?

From experience, it’s good to clean your solar panels once a year. But the best way to know if you need solar panel cleaning (without going up your roof) is to track your energy production. If you see a prolonged dip unrelated to the weather, it can simply be that dust and debris have accumulated over the surface of the panels, preventing the photovoltaic cells to receive all the sun they can get. We can always see a difference in energy production before and after solar panels are cleaned.

How much does a solar panel cleaning cost?

It depends on the number of solar panels you have and the way in which they are laid out. Please call us and we’ll give you an estimate over the phone. You can also request service and we’ll call you to set up an appointment for a quote.

Also, we often publish coupons and specials our our social media: follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to find out when we have one of those “can’t miss it” specials!

Is Brighter Days Window Cleaning LLC insured?

Yes, we carry all necessary insurance policies.

Do you have a minimum charge for solar panel cleaning?

Yes, we have a minimum charge of $125. However, if your service is under that amount, we will add à-la-carte services to give you your full benefits at your request. 

Technical Questions

What type of water do you use for solar panel cleaning?

We use a 3-stage filtration system: carbon, reverse osmosis, and de-ionizing. These 3 stages filter different types of minerals and impurities from the water, and the result is 100% pure water, perfect for solar panel cleaning.

Is your staff safe on our roof?

Yes. They work safely both in accessing the roof and in walking on it to clean solar panels. We are proficient with ladders, and use professional-grade ones. If the roof is challenging, we tie off.  

Is there a risk of scratching our solar panels?

No. We use 100% pure water, with a 3-stage filtration system, so there is no hard calcium to do any damage to the surface of your solar panels. We also don’t use razor blades, to avoid scratches. We use perfectly clean microfiber cloths; we have stacks of them in our trucks so we don’t re-use the dirty ones. We do solar panel cleaning to professional grade, no cutting corners.

Our solar panels are difficult to access. How do you work on them?

Some solar panel arrays are really large, and no one can walk on them. So we use a very long water-fed pole hooked up to our 3-stage water filtration system, and this takes care of business.

Our solar panel cleaning service is professional-grade: not “two chucks and a truck”!

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