My Promise to You

I am so glad you found my website. This tells me a friend or a neighbor, or maybe someone in your family recommended my name.

To honor that, take advantage of my welcome gift, below.

I have been sparkle-cleaning windows for folks just like you since 2008, and I take pride in what I do.

In all these years in business, I have learned what every home owner, every business owner expects certain things from the guys who clean their windows:

  • You want us to be meticulous.
  • You need us to be on time.
  • You expect reasonable prices.

When you work with me and my team, you will immediately notice the high quality of our work. It will be obvious. You’ll see why I say I take pride in what I do.

You will also like our timeliness: you don’t have to wait for us. We make a point to be on time. Every time.

But that’s not all. When my team cleans windows in your home, we also wipe your tracks, your frames AND your bug screens. We do that absolutely free of charge.

Also, we never go back on a quote. There are never, ever extra fees. We give you a written quote, and it’s as good a gold.

So we are meticulous, on time, and our prices are clear and reasonable.

Now, beside this, the person who recommended us to you may also have told you that:

  • We are courteous.
  • We are respectful of your property.
  • We leave your property better than we found it.

When we leave your home or your business, the only thing you’ll notice is your crystal-clear windows.

Now, let’s talk about guarantee: We fully guarantee our work. You don’t like it, we come back. No question asked.

Now, you may want to verify our reputation: Click here is to our Google reviews.. You will see real people who left real reviews. And 100% of them say they are thrilled with our work!

I promised you a welcome gift: When you call me, just mention you came from my website and I will clean all the mirrors in all your bathrooms… for free. No charge.

Go ahead. Call me at 260-8911. Ask for Greg, and mention you came from my website.

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